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Things Scorpios Love: The Valentine’s Day Gifts edition

Things Scorpios Love: The Valentine’s Day Gifts edition

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Scorpios are not going to tell you what they want for a gift. So, don’t ask the typical “What do you want for Valentine’s Day?” question. This goes back to the Scorpio communication style discussed earlier: they expect lovers to intuit what’s best.

Since Valentine’s Day is about falling in love and amping up the romance, it’s important to go for gifts that trigger the Scorpio’s Venus sign. If Venus is enticed, the Scorpio will hopefully fall deeper in love with you.

Scorpio Gifts by Venus Sign

Sun sign Scorpios in general adore sexy, provocative, highly personal gifts, but consider these characteristics of the Venus sign as well:

  • Scorpios with Water Venus (Scorpio) — prefer emotional gestures for gifts.
  • Scorpios with Air Venus — ( Libra)– prefer something social or a gift that makes them think.
  • Scorpios with fire Venus— (Sagittarius)  prefer to go somewhere and do something exciting!
  • Scorpios with Earth Venus – (Capricorn, Virgo) want a tangible keepsake or some form of commitment.
Note: Scorpios NEVER have Venuses more than two signs before or after their sun sign, hence the limited options above.

Here are a few recommendations of what to get a Scorpio

for Valentine’s Day:


 Dead Arachnids

Scorpions !

Suitable for: All Scorpios

Scorpios seem to like flaunting their zodiac ego more than any other sign. When they are not wearing Scorpion tattoos, or mounting Scorpions on the wall of their house (Like Moi!), they are wearing Scorpions around their necks.

These are the actual Scorpio pendants worn by me and my boyfriend.

I can’t explain it. I almost feel like I get a sort of strange energy when I wear scorpions — and they are always conversational pieces.

I love receiving them as gifts!

Wanna make it REALLY romantic??? Get matching wearables for both you and your Scorpio. That way you symbolize that you are a couple when you wear them at the same time.

Helpful Link: Amazon has a collection of Scorpio-centric gifts.


For the Scorpio Man

Create a Sensual Love Den

Suitable for: All Scorpios, but especially the Scorpio man

bed with canopyWhy not make the Valentine’s night something to remember. Get special atmospheric lighting. Create a playlist with sexy songs. Buy the Scorpio something sensual to wear. Shroud the bed in sheer fabrics with a drape or canopy. This does two things: One, it makes the bed a small, mysterious enclosed space — Scorpios love secret enclosures. Two, it makes the love bed special.

Be sure to get special body areas … waxed, and consider the latest trend of bejeweling the private areas just for kicks. Getting a henna tattoo on your torso or back might also be a sexy treat for the Scorpio.

Spend the whole day in bed: serve your Scorpio breakfast in bed, watch favorite movies in bed, body paint one another, watch porn, act out porn, you get the picture. Don’t answer that phone! Dedicate the whole day (or at least half the day) to nude intimacy with your Scorpio.

If you’re entertaining a Scorpio man, why not do a belly dance for him or a burlesque or striptease routine? Extra points if you video tape it for him to watch over and over.


For the Scorpio Woman

Sensual Jewelry

Suitable for: Scorpio woman or gay Scorpio man
  • Belly Chains or Waist Chains
  • Shoulder Chains
  • Whole Body chains
  • Navel rings (must have piercing first)

Belly Chains Feel Amazing! The others aren’t bad either.

body jewelry

For the Water Venus Scorpio

poetry bookEmotional Gifts

Scorpios with Scorpio Venus want one thing: your emotions dramatized and sexualized. Consider:

  • Love poetry written by yourself or by a classic author from the Romantic era. If you choose the latter, make sure you get a poem that reflects the nature of your love for the Scorpio, and point out how the poem captures your relationship. Don’t shy away from erotic poetry. A Venus in Scorpio will LOVE it.
  • Buy them a romantic movie that you think encapsulates the strength of your love. Write a sentimental dedication on the the DVD cover. Make sure the movie contains a highly sensuous relationship that’s either taboo in some way or about star-crossed lovers who desperately fight the odds to be together.
  • Hire a professional photographer take sexy and risque photos of you. Or have your buddy do it. Tastefully nude would be nice, but provocative attire also works. Show vulnerability. Remember this Venus is provoked by emotion. Please make sure this is artistic and not sleazy. Blow the best photo up and have it framed and wrapped.
  • Keep a diary of your thoughts of the Scorpio for one week or two. Confess things about how you feel in the relationship, what you like about the Scorpio, how you’ve been transformed from the relationship — and present the collection of your thoughts to him as a gift. They will LOVE reading what you secretly think of them.
  • Have custom cards made for every month or year of your courtship. Scorpios HATE generic, cookie-cutter expressions of love.

For the Fire Venus Scorpio

Journeys of Love

How does a Scorpio with a Venus in Sagittarius fall in love? By having shared worldly experiences and worldly travel!



  • A cruise
  • A trip across the border or to another continent
  • A CD-set of courses to learn a new foreign language together
  • A quick weekend jaunt to someplace new and exciting.

Keep in mind that Venus in Sagittarius is not just attracted to physical travel, they love learning new things and having philosophical discussions that take the mind on a trip.


For the Air Venus

Gifts for the Cerebral Venus

Scorpios love mental stimulation and a Scorpio with a Libra Venus can easily fall in love by sharing mental tasks.

  • Buy two copies of the same book — on a topic Scorpio has expressed a passion about. You read one and the Scorpio reads the other. Read in bed together and share enthusiasm over changes in plot or a chapter with great ideas. Or, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, having a two-person reading club that discusses story developments nightly can really bring you closer together. Consider a Kindle and load it with books you know Scorpios love.
  • Go to an intellectual lecture with the Scorpio at your local university.
  • Present the Scorpio with receipts of enrollment in a local class to learn a new skill together. Enroll the two of you in courses for painting, sculpture, pottery, etc.

The key is to show the Scorpio you want to harmonize your intellectual life and fall in love through mental journey.

For the Earth Venus

Gifts of Commitment

Scorpios who love with an earth Venus, want tangible proof of your love and long-term devotion. Such as:

  • A key to your place. Put a bow on it.
  • A drawer or closet at your place … to show you want them to hang around and that your territory is their territory. Scorpios need to mark territory, so give them some.
  • Own something together. Buy something in both your names: a pooch, a condo, a motorcycle, something!




Additional tips to keep in mind for Scorpio Gifts:

  • Scorpios love deep colors like crimson and black. This applies to roses, clothes, decorations, etc.
  • Scorpios prefer private or low-key things — nothing overly elaborate



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Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.