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The Scorpio Sun Sign Personality : Seer, Desirer, Consumer

The Scorpio Sun Sign Personality : Seer, Desirer, Consumer


You will know them by their eyes…. 


Those Eyes. That Stare.  That penetrating watchfulness. Nature granted these tell-tale traits of the 8th sign of the Zodiac to physically mark its role in the Universe as The Seer. Scorpio is always watching. Born with eyes that are either large or intense in focus, Scorpio scans the visible, penetrates to the invisible, the hidden … looking to the depths of soul, out to the shadows, the secrets, the taboos, even up to the Heavens and down below for its hidden occultic knowledge.

The “sights” of Scorpio go beyond mere eyesight to include insight of the highest order,  intelligent perception  and introspection that can take apart an idea, a psyche, or person to inspect its every layer. The Scorpio sun sign possesses imaginative vision of things not yet materialized; it sees potential and is able to transform things, people, situations or self to possibilities that only exist in the Scorpio’s own mind.

A lover, Scorpio’s powers of sight are often focused on The Other, able to trace every surface of face and body, scope and file away every behavioral detail, then with x-ray vision see into the bones, the heart, the soul. An admiring Scorpio’s gaze will unearth your vulnerabilities, your past, your flaws, what makes you tick.

To see is to know, to analyze, to commune, to discern, to detect, to intuit. And capable of all this, Scorpio in its most evolved state (the eagle) is able to enhance the world by the power to enlighten, to create and to heal. This makes Scorpio especially gifted to use his “sights” to practice psychology, investigation, research. If the Scorpio man or Scorpio woman is gifted with strong psychic sights of intuition and precogniton, he or she might be drawn to the mystical arts.

But even without using their gifts of sight in profession, Scorpio suns will use them in daily extreme opinions or views. Scorpio possesses strong and stubborn positions on what it has gathered and perceived.

On the negative side, the probing nature of this natural private eye can lead to intrusiveness and nosiness. It can also give Scorpio dangerous access that can be used by an unscrupulous Scorpio (snake) to manipulate and control. Also, immature Scorpios might provoke or cause drama just to inspect at close range what happens afterward. They enjoy watching things escalate and come undone.

For all its ability to see and unmask, Scorpio has a predilection to hide. Like its spirit animal, the scorpion , Scorpio suns are nocturnal, private, glued to corners and shadows as they watch the world. This tendency doesn’t relegate Scorpio to merely a background player though;  when a Scorpio man or Scorpio woman wants the spotlight, he or she will have no problem being noticed. For the presence of a Scorpio is as magnetic as the legendary gaze, pulling you in so that you cannot look away.

Being a Scorpio, I rarely get to partake of the mysterious and enchanting exchange with Scorpio eyes because I am too busy being the one who gives the looks — or  averts my eyes because eye contact is so intimate for us. However, I remember one experience with an October 25th Scorpio man. We left a evening event and stood talking in the parking lot. We locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity. I literally had to whisper to him, “I can’t look away.” I was transfixed. He didn’t look away either. At that point, it was unnerving and a challenge. Who would win? He did …because I had to break the glance. It was too potent.

While a few have commented on my eyes over the years, they do not seem particularly unique to me. But if aroused in anger or passion, the intensity of my eyes can become a laser. But for me, my mind’s eye is far more remarkable.


To feel keenly is to live…

Hunger. Passion. Love. Lust. Rage. Jealousy. Highly sensate, Scorpio has the most volatile and forceful emotions of the water signs. If the heart, ruled by Mars, is the figurative seat of emotions, Scorpio’s heart knows one gear: Level 10.  This deep feeler possesses great volumes and extremes of emotion, that can leave Scorpio euphoric and breathless one minute and dark and brooding the next.

Scorpio’s eyes come in handy to feed these desires. Scorpio scans the world always looking for its next craving. Once something really attracts its eye, Scorpio does not forget, but files away the image under obsession. They will think about it all the time, holding it in the mind’s eye until the thing is built up to a level of destiny or fate. Then Scorpio thinks he must have it (but that is a tale for the next section). Let’s focus simply on the want … because a want can sustain Scorpio for hours, years, a lifetime. even if it is never attained.

Acquisition of the want is a completely different topic (discussed below). The hunger itself is its own event and preoccupation, its own surge of vital energy. Scorpio must have an object of obsession at all times. He will hold the idea and image in his mind, dangling before him like a carrot.  If one object of acute focus is destroyed, it will immediately be replaced with another.

Wanting… hungering… drives Scorpio every moment in some way. Scorpio must have something to fixate on. It brings a sense of riled contentment, which Scorpio sun signs enjoy because peace for Scorpio is not calmness but stimulation.

No matter what tempest Scorpio’s heart is feeding on at any moment, you might not know unless it is unleashed in a moment of rapture or conflict. Scorpio likes to present a calm demeanor and poker face, preferring instead to push others to show their emotions.

A Leo likes to describe my emotions as the high tide coming in to drown him. But I will accept hurricane, tornado and volcano as well. Or maybe hell and occasionally a deep blue ether from which there seems no escape.

With emotions, Scorpio seeks no catch and release. They don’t seek to evade but immerse themselves, becoming one with the emotion, using their keen sensibilities to greet and recognize these feelings as long term comrades. There is a thorough interaction between Scorpio and his feelings, that lead me to describe this sign as an instrument of emotion. This sun sign will not let the emotions be, but pokes and prods, teases out new waves and levels of feelings that others may not discern… strumming and playing these emotions until Scorpio is held captive by the intense experience and may need an “other” to rescue them.

For the Other, the beauty of Scorpio’s capacity of desire, is that they can rest assured that if the Scorpio man or woman  loves you there is no end to the love or the ways Scorpio will reconfigure and stoke this love over the years.  There is no danger that Scorpio will reach the bottom of it or give it up, if it is true. To be in the whirlwind of a romantic, erotic love is Scorpio’s most favorite emotion of all.



The Scorpio personality consumes by possession, fiery destruction, and sexual conquest.

The most insatiable sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio suns seek experiences that deliver maximum arousal.

No sampling of life or person is ever enough. They are eternally starving for something on which to feed emotionally, psychically, mentally and carnally. And when they decide what the target is, they must acquire it by an tactic necessary.

The Great Consumer, Scorpio’s primal and pulsating senses cannot be quenched by any volume, any depth, any variety nor any intensity. It seeks the unique, the elusive, the mysterious, the dangerous, the taboo, the edgy and very often that which is possessed by others. These things offer challenge, without which there is no real satisfaction.

Scorpio seeks the immaterial through the material: the soul through the body, healing and transcendence through coitus, evolution through raw, gritty, bleeding experience.

And with the mind of a strategist, tenacity of a badger, and wily psychology of a fox to lure and trap, Scorpio is most equipped to get, possess and then consume whatever it wants. It will not stop; Scorpio is capable of tracking and pursuing its target (person or thing) for years and years. If there is an afterlife, Scorpio will pursue you there too.

When Scorpio was born, the gods fashioned one of the great hunters in astrology … because they may often appear as if they are not hunting at all.  Co-ruled by Pluto, lord of stealth and the underworld, Scorpio attracts and apprehends by subterfuge and cunning. You will not see their hands working and plans forming. Scorpio will finesse arrangements that will cause a desired person or thing to arrive in its path. Known for its magnetism, Scorpio attracts even passively by its energetic presence in a room. They won’t have to come to you; you will come to them. Associated with the mystical and occultic world, Scorpio may seek to access forces beyond the natural to acquire and consume a want. Scorpio may even confuse you by attracting through conflict and repulsion (A strong response is after all a magnet too.)


Mars and Pluto work together to upgrade Scorpio’s will and drive to a level of compulsion when Scorpio has decided to give chase. This can have some negative consequences:  Scorpio may seek its acquisitions through the use of force and power. Power is an intoxicant to Scorpio. This can escalate to assertiveness, then aggression, then abuse and even violence.


The word consume brings to mind many things. It can mean to take something and wholly internalize it, feed off of it, or possess it in such a way that it is swallowed up by the Scorpio’s own being. This can be practiced on anything from  information & discoveries to addictive substances to people . This tendency has earned Scorpio the reputation of a being a vampire. 

We’ll accept that only if you remember the vampire feeds on your blood and energy but gives it back to you in double or triple measure, a more powerful blood and energy, able to  make you stronger, more vibrant. Scorpios sustain you in your broken moments. They will give their last ounce of life force for the Other, whether they are lover, family or friend. This is no one-sided feeding frenzy!


To consume can be to burn something, to set it on fire for destruction and purification. Scorpio is linked to death and transformation for this reason; it can wipe out and re-create repeatedly. It can cause death literally and figuratively, whether consciously or unconsciously. But for this perennial torch bearer, nothing is ever really dead. Scorpio will always try to come back and revive what it killed, especially if it’s a relationship.


Scorpio’s most famous burning is consummation through passion. This sign rules the organs in the pelvic region. Sexual energy is part of Scorpio’s life force, allowing Scorpio to practice its favorite activity: union…union of spirits, union of energy … union of power.


Beyond intercourse, nearly all things can be sexual to Scorpio: a conversation, a look, a touch.

Scorpio lives by a religion that says only some things are worth consuming. To decide, Scorpio turns to its preoccupation with spiritual forces and supernatural patterns. Is there chemistry? Connection? Kismet? If so, then maybe the stars  marked a person, a meeting, or a fortune for Scorpio to snare at this very moment.

If Scorpio fails in pursuit, he or she may be led to territorial bouts and jealousy as unrequited chases are the worst end of all for this possessive sign.


The Scorpio sun sign profile and Scorpio traits.



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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.