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Scorpios, Meet Your Kindred Spirits! (8th House Sun people)

Scorpios, Meet Your Kindred Spirits! (8th House Sun people)

8th house eightsScorpios LOVE 8th house suns and often unconsciously attract them as lovers or friends. In astrology, there are 12 houses of the zodiac, presiding over certain areas of life that are linked to specific signs. The 8th house is the natural habitat of Scorpio.

Eighth house  suns are like cousins to Scorpio, and can share the same aura.

I can always sense an 8th house sun or moon person by their energy. Yep, the kinship and similarity are that strong.  The attraction is not one-sided; Most 8th house sun people have had many Scorpio friends or lovers.

The 8th house is associated with Scorpio traits, of course; it may confer an attraction to any of the following:  intense intimacy, sexuality, the taboo, the occult, the afterlife, transformation, destruction, obsessive acts,  inheritance, and exchanges of energy and power between people. The house a sun lands in is determined by the time of birth.

Astrologer Carl Woebcke, who runs the fabulous “My Astrology Book” site, says this bout the 8th house Sun:

“You’re intense, want more than appearances, and dig down to the heart of things no matter what the personal sacrifice.” – C. Woebcke

Because the sun guides ideology, a non-Scorpio with their sun in the 8th house may have different principles than Scorpio, but their essence, their predelictions, their compulsions might be the same. I know a Leo 8th house sun and a Gemini 8th house sun  who are both extremely Scorpionic.

The sun’s house is the milieu of life. The 8th house milieu is a dark, sensual and secretive underbelly of the Zodiac.

Your lover, your friend and even YOU might be an 8th house sun if:

1. You’re Psychic.

All water signs by nature are capable of having psychic energy, with Pisces being the most psychic sign and Cancer being perhaps the least, but still highly sensitive and intuitive in the realm of non-physical energy.  A person with an 8th house sun may have the psychic ability to pick up on the emotions or secret thoughts of others. They commune with people they meet on a subliminal level.

2. You are Overbearing

Eighth house people can be like  a steamroller. You may intimidate or run  roughshod over others without even realizing it.

3. You might be willing to barter sex … for anything. 

People born with sun in the 8th house are very sexually motivated –and not just in the bedroom. Every occasion can be an occasion for sex. There’s never too much physical intimacy for an 8th house sun. Since the 8th house is about leveraging others, if an 8th house sun desires something from another person, they may consciously or unconsciously use their sexuality to get it. They often vacillate between being very sexually free or being haunted by their carnal drives.

4. Most of your fortune and luck comes through others.

When you meet people, you possess a knack of sizing them up and seeing how they can be of use to you.  This isn’t evil; it worked for Machiavelli. You are always strategically thinking how you can multiply whatever gain you get from the one  you meet. In fact, you might not desire to make any effort that doesn’t involve leveraging another person. You’re not using them per se. In a way, you’re anointing them. They could not be who they are without your power inspiring and enlightening them. In a way, this makes an even exchange of energy. When you multiply gain for yourself, you bring them along. You make them greater than they could be without you.

You may succeed in stocks or in passive income businesses where others do the work and you invest.

You might even feel weakened or impotent unless you can circulate your power and energy through others.

5. Your life falls apart regularly or You attract people whose life falls apart regularly.

It’s useless for an 8th house Sun person to try to have stability. Every achievement you get is always being destroyed — sometimes catastrophically.  That’s doesn’t matter, because the 8th house is about both death and rebirth. So destruction and rebuilding  go hand in hand. A natural fix-up expert, you might find yourself counseling others on how to resurrect their lives after trauma.

6. Your lust for the taboo even scares Scorpios.

You joyously embrace things that repulse others. Others may even find you repulsive on occasion.

7. You control others, even Scorpios.

You are very powerful and controlling whether you admit it or not.

8.  Everyone thinks you’re sexy. Even the ushers in church.

People can’t stop looking at you, because you are so magnetic and sensual. You have a primal edge about you.

9.  People assume evil about you and project their own faults unto you.

This is a huge problem with both Scorpio and 8th House Sun people.  They unnerve others so much by their probing and confidence that people fear them and respond to their fear by thinking the 8th house person is up to no good.   The ability of an 8th house sun to psychically uncover things about another makes people uncomfortable.

10. Even during hard times, you cry in secret but are NEVER down for the count.

Living with your sun in the 8th house is an exhaustingly emotional experience. Life will never beat you, however, because like a Scorpio that loses an appendage, you regenerate.


Good luck.

Are you an 8th house Sun? Find out by doing your natal chart at Tell us what you think at

Famous 8th House Suns!


Gemini 8th House Sun Prince Rogers Nelson (Photo Credit: Warner Brothers)

Gemini 8th House Sun Prince Rogers Nelson (Photo Credit: Warner Brothers)

Brilliant Musician Prince was born with his Gemini sun in the 8th house.

His music has always been obsessively focused on transcendent sexuality. He has a reputation for being ultra controlling both in the studio and in his love life.

(Of course Prince also has Scorpio Rising and Pluto conjunct his Midheaven. Obvious, right?)

Pisces Sun Edgar Cayce

Pisces Sun Edgar Cayce

Famous psychic Edgar Cayce was served by his sun in Pisces, an extremely impressionable sign that can pick up thoughts and emotions of others. But Cayce was no ordinary Pisces. With sun in 8th house, the house associated with the occult and energy exchange, his abilities were intensified and sharp. He often had premonitions without even trying and became known as one of the most accurate psychics to ever live. (His Venus was also in the 8th house.)

Billionaire Warren Buffet

Billionaire Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet can credit his Virgo Sun for making him so sharp when it comes to numbers and statistics. However, he has to credit the 8th house location of his sun for giving him the ability to profit through others. Buffet didn’t make his money by creating something. No, he made it in the 8th house fashion: by investing in the creation of others. He’s been one of the world’s most successful investors.

Hugh Hefner, king of Playboy

Hugh Hefner, king of Playboy

Hugh Hefner, a Aries, was born with his Sun and Mercury in the 8th house. He instinctly knew how to make a fortune off of others and bedroom desires.
He became rich using two 8th house values: the love of sexuality and the leveraging of other people.
He sold magazines, videos and an idyllic lifestyles by getting women to take off their clothes and pose naked.
How 8th house is that!


Sun Signs might be a little Scorpionic if they are born in the 8th house.  (Photo Credit: Scorpioland via Microsoft Office clip art)

Sun Signs might be a little Scorpionic if they are born in the 8th house. (Photo Credit: Scorpioland via Microsoft Office clip art)


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