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An online Scorpio-centric site founded in October 2008,  explores myths, realities and mysteries  about the 8th sign of the Zodiac, as well as its ruler Pluto and the 8th house.

Beyond rudimentary astrology, is unique in that it looks at Scorpiohood as a lifestyle and explores how this Zodiac energy is expressed in the everyday world.

As a web destination for the exploration of all facets of Plutonian living — from love, lust and sexuality to friendship, death and psychology — ScorpioLand offers ONLY original posts, featuring information, anecdotes and answers to reader questions on a weekly basis.  Visitors can explore topics such as  traditional Scorpio sun sign traits, the dark side of the Scorpio personality, Scorpio love compatibility, the very best Scorpio love matches and the manifestation of Scorpio energy through all the planets, points, and houses.

As a November Scorpio herself, Publisher/Writer Synthia Rose, a student of the intuitive art of astrology, shares her own personal Scorpionic experiences as well as those of Stinger friends and relatives. You will NOT find generic second-hand cut-and-paste Scorpio ideas here.



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