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Scorpio and Virgo Love:The Sinner & The Virgin

Scorpio and Virgo Love:The Sinner & The Virgin

When the wanton character of Scorpio meets the chaste persona of Virgo, that’s just a dare waiting to happen!

The Good

The astrology sign of Virgo is frequently seen as the archetype of the virgin. Virgos are private about their sexuality and very cautious about hitting the sheets.  While not exactly prudes (OK, somewhat prudish!), Virgos don’t go for any depraved or scandalous forms of sex. They have a pristine view of what physical intimacy should be and Scorpios are often attracted to destroying all these puritanical expectations.

But why start this discussion with boudoir secrets? A Virgo certainly wouldn’t!

The first thing that binds Scorpios and Virgos together is that they both are attracted to transforming people and rescuing those who are down on their luck.   Always of service to others, Virgos like to improve others by first criticizing flaws and then being extremely helpful in upgrading the flaws to perfection. Scorpios like to improve others by toughening them up and replacing weakness with strength. When Virgo and Scorpio get together, they will each try to make the other over according to their own  image of what  an ultimate mate should be — for better or for worse.

When the paths of Scorpio and Virgo first cross, Scorpio will be shocked that Virgo is cleaning for them, cooking for them and running errands. Suspicious, Scorpio may initially think Virgo is up to no good and has ulterior motives for being so helpful.  Soon, however, Scorpio will fall in love with Virgo’s pure and sincere heart.  Used to bringing out the dark side in others, Scorpio is most drawn to Virgo’s unadulterated essence.  Feeling Virgo a tad naive, Scorpio will want to protect Virgo  from evils of the world.

Virgo will bring out Scorpio’s best behavior and inspire them to evolve.

Mentally, these two signs connect well because both are detail-oriented. Scorpio likes to analyze any situation down to its finest points. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, has an exacting mind and also scrutinizes the fine points.

The Bad

As much as the love of detail can bring Scorpio and Virgo together, it can also drive them apart. When it comes to micro-analysis, they occupy completely different realms. Scorpio analyzes the personality, the psyche, the emotions affecting a situation. Virgo, however, being an earth sign, sticks to the tangible points and lacks Scorpio’s emotional profundity. The emotional obsessiveness of Scorpio will not be understood by Virgo and may be irritating.

Speaking of irritation, Virgos’ penchant to criticize everything will drive Scorpio away. Scorpio is offensive and non-traditional (unlike Virgo) and Virgo will find much to criticize, wounding Scorpio constantly.

Virgo may be a bit too reserved and timid for Scorpio, who likes a daring and exciting lover. Eventually, Scorpio may feel Virgo is just too boring to endure.  The helpfulness that once surprised Scorpio may also become too much since the Stinger likes to remain independent.

Since Virgos are a mutable sign, they are changeable and easily persuaded, Scorpio  will be more attracted to someone with stronger views and a more self-assured nature. Virgos are normally not impassioned as Scorpio would like a mate to be.

Virgo is also more practical than Scorpio and may find Scorpio’s emotionally-driven decisions to be downright reckless and imprudent. Virgo may dismiss Scorpio as too unstable to build a future with.


The Boudoir

While initially, their two different approaches to sex may bring them together, Scorpio will be turned off by Virgo’s rather mundane approach in the bedroom. Some people think Virgos are secretly freaks, but that’s not necessarily true. They do possess the penchant for wanting to please their lovers and will try anything if it will make their mates happy. However, this over-eagerness and diplomacy will likely turn Scorpio off.

Long-term Outlook

Whether this Virgo – Scorpio love match lasts will depend on how much earth Scorpio has.  The more earth Scorpio has, they more he or she can relate to the traditional, grounded nature of Virgo. This love match also depends on how evolved Scorpio is since Virgo will be turned off by immature, oversexed Scorpios who need too much drama and confrontation. This romance may be too unsatisfying to last.

Remember these famous past and present Scorpio-Virgo love matches?


Scorpio Ryan Reynolds & Virgo Blake Lively

Scorpio Ryan Reynolds & Virgo Blake Lively

Scorpio Leo DiCaprio & Virgo Blake Lively

Scorpio Leo DiCaprio & Virgo Blake Lively

Scorpio Mutt Lange & Virgo Shania Twain

Scorpio Mutt Lange & Virgo Shania Twain

Scorpio Marie Antoinette & Virgo King Louie XVI

Scorpio Marie Antoinette & Virgo King Louie XVI

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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.