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Stung! How and Why a Scorpio Stings a former Lover or Friend

Stung! How and Why a Scorpio Stings a former Lover or Friend

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Ahh. The Stinger. No other zodiac sign is represented by an animal with such a fatal defense mechanism. The Taurus bull has its horns, the Crab can hide within a hard shell, perhaps the Leo can rip your leg off — although they prefer repose to revenge- but the Scorpio can kill you by poisoning you from within.

The inner realm of the emotions and the psyche are where a Scorpio’s sting hurts the most — by design. The Capricorn goat might want to kick you in the nuts, but Scorpio doesn’t care about inflicting physical as much as internal pain that can last much much longer.

Why a Scorpio Stings

Scorpios aren’t sadists. They don’t sit around dreaming up ways to cause others pain. Scorpio, however, is a sign of energy exchange. Scorpio gives more energy in a relationship than any other sign. When they like someone and merge with someone, whether friend or romantic mate, the Scorpio gives intense thought, intense loyalty, intense inspiration to improve that person’s quality of life and intense love. Rarely do they get back the energy they give out.

So, when they are double-crossed, sensitive, wounded Scorpios  concentrate that energy one last time and send it through the circuit to the offender in one potent sting or a series of gradually escalating stings. Then, they burn the circuit leading to that person — sometimes temporarily, sometimes forever.

 Stinging Methods of the Scorpio


The Ice Out
If your relationship with the Scorpio is over and YOU are the one who ended it or if you committed a violation so egregious you prompted Scorpio to end the bond, then you have caused Scorpio great heartache and now are as good as dead to the them. Seriously.

If you see them out, they may not acknowledge you. If you phone, they won’t answer. It’s no secret that a Scorpio can go ICE COLD. They can shut you out with no words, no explanation and no hint of whether you’ll ever be welcomed back into their inner circle. It will be as if you have always been strangers.

To be effective, this kind of Scorpio sting happens super abruptly and will be a complete, stunning surprise. You will just get locked OUT.

The complete ice out consists of you also being deleted from Facebook, blocked on Twitter and blocked in their email client. (They love the mail systems that send this reply to users: “You’ve been blocked!’  — Or maybe that’s just me).

With this Scorpio sting, you are, in effect, obliterated from their consciousness. You are erased. You no longer exist to them.

The wound of being betrayed by one they let so close, though, will endure.

 The Mind-f*ck
Why  freeze you out when tormenting your psyche is so much fun?

If a Scorpio really wants to screw with your life, they’ll try to collect the debt of loyalty you owe them one tortured brain cell at a time.

They’ll draw you in, then cut you off. Draw you in again … and tantalizingly string you along until you doubt your self-respect.

They’ll feed you riddles and circles of thought until you doubt your sanity.

Maybe they’ll hold you close and whisper something ambiguous because they enjoy giving you indecipherable hints about their revenge. You won’t know if it signals they love or hate you…are they complimenting you or insulting you? Maybe, you should just go ahead and institutionalize yourself. It would be easier. Otherwise, until you realize you’re getting a slow stinging death, you’ll constantly be thinking … WTF, Scorpio?!


The Pimp-Out

With this type of Scorpio sting, the Scorpio sucks you in with charm and then when you want the Scorpio most and want to renew the relationship, the stinger (usually a Scorpio man) will reject and degrade you as they planned to all along.

Often this will be after the Scorpio has used you extensively for sex — yep, even the stuff you swore you’d never do. The cruelest Scorpio will release you as possession to trade to partners — asking one of them to date you or bartering you like a cheap commodity. Pawned.


Status Sabotage

With the right access,  a Scorpio exacting revenge might set you up for a social or professional fall.

Prepare to have all your weaknesses used against you. (This is why Scorps don’t reveal their weakness). Scorpios may even tip your enemies off about how to thwart you or find a way for your boss to discover unflattering things about you.


The Invisible Sting

In some cases, you might not realize the Scorpio has stung you; you’ll feel the sting but won’t know how it originated. Unfortunate things might just starting happening. Scorpio is, after all, the master of subterfuge.


Now, this dramatic accounting of how the Scorpio stings is part jest and part sincerity. I’ll let you figure out which parts are exaggerated. Hopefully, it won’t take a real Scorpio sting for you to figure it out.


Is it True a Scorpion Will Sting Itself?

Yes. And a Scorpio will too. Scorpio will sting you even if it means they hurt themselves. If you put them on the defensive, they often have no choice. Scorpios always have to defend their honor. It’s a universal Scorpio trait, as is vengeance. Going down while doing it will be supreme.

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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.