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Guide to Scorpio Sex Secrets

Guide to Scorpio Sex Secrets

Inside the bedroom of Scorpio and 8th house natives, lurk paradoxes and surprises.

Photo Credit: C. Frank Starmer of Commons License for Reuse

Photo Credit: C. Frank Starmer of Commons License for Reuse

Sex can never be reduced to lust for Scorpio and Plutonian types; making love is part healing, part baptism, part vow, part death, part revival.

The Scorpio’s libido is molded by all these ideas over a lifetime, creating a sex life that is so complex and shifting that it can leave a lover’s head reeling.

It’s no secret that Scorpio is the most passionate and sexual sign of the zodiac, needing to use sex as a way of exploring life, people, and feelings.

But did you know these Scorpio sex secrets:

For Scorpio, Sex is Religion

CRossMystical spirituality is part of the Scorpio and 8th house life.  Think of the lyrics penned by 8th house sun and Scorpio rising musician Prince who, in the song “Lady Cab Driver,” dedicated orgasms and thrusts to ” the Creator of Man.”

To those uninitiated in the sacredness of 8th house sex, this could seem blasphemous.

Scorpionic people, however, have likely experienced incredible revelations or spiritual awakenings while in the throes of orgasm.

Scorpio sexuality can indeed be a doorway to God that is more palpable and convincing than religion; the sounds and movements of orgasmic ecstasy and elevation are suspiciously like those of a person “slain in the spirit”  at some Pentecostal revival or voodoo ceremony. Scorpios often see the human body itself as a spiritual transport vessel or an oracle of the Divine.

Orgasm is religion. Orgasm is communion of the highest kind. Sex and religion can’t help but be intertwined.

Sex is spiritual transcendence and thus Scorpio often performs sex as if it’s some sacrosanct ritual where the body is the sacrifice and the bed is the altar.

If there is blood and pain, which is associated with religious sacrifice, all the better.

P.S. I once reflected on this in a personal post on an old blog where I expressed a desire to consummate marriage inside a temple.

Scorpios Like Rough Sex

Remember in "Breaking Down" when Edward broke the headboard! Vampires AND roghness. Oh yeah!

Remember in “Breaking Down” when Edward broke the headboard! Vampires AND roughness. Oh yeah!

Is this really a secret?

Scorpio energy is an aggressive energy and those born under the Scorpio sun or with Mars or Sun in the 8th house might have an attraction to very aggressive sexual play, almost to the point of pain. Some Scorpio natives might enjoy dominating their lovers, restraining them, contorting their lovers into submissive positions and applying various forms of force to foreplay and intercourse — this applies to Scorpio women as well, not just Scorpio men.

Slapping, biting, nail-scratching to the point of drawing blood, screaming, wrestling and — yes, attempting to break the headboard — might all be exhibited by Scorpios or 8th house people during the act of making love.

Completely gentle sex might cause Scorpio to fall asleep and began snoring.

The mythic Scorpio treasure chest of leather whips and handcuffs may really exist somewhere in a Scorpio closet.


Scorpios Don’t Like Sex Toys

Scorpios can incorporate gadgets into sexuality, but they won’t be impressed. Those that do are likely in the early and immature stages of sexuality.

no toysUsing toys is simply not part of the Plutonian ethos. You see, Scorpios are ORGANIC  and holistic lovers….they like the flesh to flesh and spirit to spirit merging that natural love-making allows.  Does a toy have an aura? Does a toy have an etheric body? Then how is a Scorpio supposed to transcend the flesh and see the face of God with it? Unnecessary,  unwanted, and unfulfilling are understatements when it comes to toys in an 8th house or Scorpio boudoir.

Scorpios Aren’t Known for Fancy Moves or Positions in Bed

It’s sex, not the Olympics. Scorpio secretly laughs at all those pitiful attempts to do acrobatic moves in bed. It’s not unusual for Scorpio to fall back on the missionary or reverse missionary positions. Yet, the lover will still have an amazing time because the factors that make sex intoxicating with Scorpio are not linked to kinetics. Scorpio sexuality is about the magnetism, the chemistry, the energy, the force of the passion  and the sensation of melting into each other …so much so that you can’t tell where one soul ends and the other begins. Please, no moves like Jagger. MmmKay?

Scorpio energy can express itself as Asexual

Ever met a celibate Scorpio? I’ve met a shocking number. I’ve met Scorpios who could slice off and donate their gonads to become eunuchs, monks or nuns.

It’s not unusual for a Scorpio or 8th house person to spend years exploring a voracious sex drive only to completely do an about face and take a vow of celibacy or abstinence.

This is not about “being good” or being wholesome. The shutdown in Scorpio sexuality often stems from the sad realization that the Scorpio is still searching for that partner who can elevate sex to the mystical, sensual level. Instead, they keep finding folks who are only shallow enough for a forgettable roll in the hay.

In such situations, Scorpio prefers avoiding making love altogether rather than face the hollowness and disappointment of finding out that their Holy Grail of ethereal sex is as unattainable as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Disillusionment isn’t sexy.

During these sexual droughts, Scorpio might direct their sexual energy into a flurry of creativity or religious devotion.

Even if not completely celibate, many Scorpios don’t have sex often by choice. They’d rather have few sexual moments that have great significance than a lot of frivolous trysts. To quote 8th House Prince again (from the song “Adore”): “I ain’t f*ckin’ just for kicks! No! This condition I’ve got is crucial.”

(BTW,  Eighth house people are much more capable of having meaningless sex than Scorpios, depending on sun sign and other natal factors, of course)

Scorpio Uses Sex as Fuel

The Scorpio sex drive is so intense because sexuality is a panacea for Scorpio, able to cure depression, reverse lethargy, restore optimism — anytime Scorpio is depleted in any way, sex can replenish. Scorpio isn’t fueled by mundane sex, however, only meaningful sex with a kindred spirit where there is a sense of “connection” — or autosexuality. Some signs might feel exhausted after coitus, but Scorpio can feel a resurgence of stamina. They can go on for hours.

Have you ever read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill? He’s one of the earliest practitioners of the law of attraction philosophy way before it was en vogue.

There’s a section in the book where he encourages people who want to be successful to have sex and use that as creative energy. It’s a small chapter that most people might overlook.  As a Scorpio, I was stunned that he gave away our secret! I looked him up and sure enough he was a Scorpio born on Oct. 26, 1883.

To Scorpio, sex is fuel and sex is energy exchange. A Scorpio man or woman can convert energy from sex into a million other forms of energy. A great orgasmic merger with the beloved can allow them to have Eureka moments where they can chase dreams, establish empires, invent the impossible or simply create something breathtakingly profound.  This can help Scorpios in art or business. Scorpio has such an introverted focus that without sex as a conduit they might not be able to direct much creative energy outward.

 (Top Image Credit: “Bed with heart,” C. Frank Starmer of Commons License for Reuse)

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