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Scorpio FAQs: Are Scorpios Materialistic?

Scorpio FAQs: Are Scorpios Materialistic?

money signThink a Scorpio girl is going to be turned on by a wad of cash and a shiny, luxury vehicle?

Expect a Scorpio man to work long hours to buy his lady a mansion or a 20-carat diamond ring?

Don’t be delusional.

Despite a recent trend of stories citing Scorpios as hard workers with a lust for materialism and keeping up with high society, these aren’t true Scorpio traits at all.

The notion that Scorpios will work hard for money and material things contradicts the ethos of Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house.

What the 8th House Says

Eighth House energy and Scorpio energy are focused on emotional, abstract, psychological and mystical domains.

None of these realms are physical.

Those Scorpio interests are actually antipodes to materialism.

The material domain is simply not an area mastered by Scorpio or even necessarily revered by Scorpio.

If Scorpio attracts money it is often through other people, whether through inheritance, investing or other strategic leveraging of people for money or profit. This is why the 8th house is often referred to as “the house of other people’s property.”

Pure Scorpio energy does not dispense intense labor for something like wealth, when they can spend that labor on what Scorpio really cares about: love, intimacy, sex and deep relationships.

Personal bonds, particular love bonds, are the main currencies for Scorpio — not coin or cash.

Hard-working Scorpios?

If there are hard-working, materialistic Scorpios obsessed with wealth, it is because they have Saturn or earth influence, which is practical and material-focused, or perhaps Libra influence, since Libra is attracted to social status and all the quality that money can buy.

Scorpios are an obsessive sign so many can be workaholics because they are fixated on something they are studying, investigating or analyzing. Wealth isn’t the draw in such cases, but rather the passion for the work or the compulsion to solve some crisis or dominate some task is.

Scorpios are driven by passion, not the prospect of jumping through hoops to earn something as cheap and gaudy as dollar bills.

If a Scorpio is presented with the chance to work hard for something they are not passionate about, they are going to do a poor job at it or perhaps neglect the job all together.
In fact, a newspaper in China, Chutian Metropolis Daily, ran an article in November 2011 on a Chinese corporation that refused to hire Scorpios because they believed them to be bad employees.

Do Scorpio suitors need to be rich and wealthy to impress Scorpio dates?

Because a Scorpio can have money or not, work or not, accumulate material things are not, it’s not unusual to find brilliant Scorpios who don’t develop their full potential in careers.

At the end of their lives, Scorpios would rather have loved and known deep intimacy with someone than anything else. Some might be willing to live under a bridge with a true love than spend time climbing the corporate ladder.

With that in mind, someone seeking affections of a Scorpio should focus on being loyal, strong, confident, smart and deeply reflective. Being good in bed and a skilled conversationalist won’t hurt either.

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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.