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Marilyn Monroe: The Glory of an 8th House Mars

Marilyn Monroe: The Glory of an 8th House Mars

The Electric Presence of Marilyn Monroe/courtesy of Flickr

The Electric Presence of Marilyn Monroe/courtesy of Flickr

Marilyn’s 8th House

Gemini Marilyn Monroe is known for her sensual presence and vivacious personality. With Mars in the 8th house, the house associated with Scorpio and sexuality, that is no surprise.  That Mars was loosely conjunct Uranus, the planet of spontaneity and electricity, which gave her charisma and a sense that one never truly knew what Marilyn would do next.

Mars, much like the ascendant or rising, accentuates the physical. It is how we move through the world and display our personality. All 8th house characteristics, therefore, could be physically expressed and flaunted by Marilyn: mystique, lushness, power,  obsessive attraction.

“Dream” Girl: How Neptune’s Magic Made Marilyn Monroe’s 8th House Energy Legendary

With 8th house Mars in the sign of dreams and  illusions (Pisces) Marilyn became the ultimate sexual ideal.  While the ascendant is an unconscious, automatic, reactive display of our persona, the mars is very calculated and conscious; we can control it and assert it and it is therefore extremely powerful. Monroe spent her life consciously perfecting the projection of herself as a romantic and sensual dream. Gemini is known for flirtatiousness and sociability; these qualities also served her kitten persona. With an Aquarius moon, this double air vixen had a love for the world and sharing herself with many.

Marilyn Monroe had no earth planets and could be rather impractical and detached from reality. This fits with the fantasy 8th House Pisces theme in her life –and it is why she was famous.  Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, was in Marilyn’s first house. In fact it was conjunct the ascendant, reaffirming her detachment from reality and elevation as a larger-than life illusion. Many actors, filmmakers and other artists have Neptune or Pisces associated with the first house or otherwise emphasized. Neptune is astrology’s escort into the fantasy land. It the ruler of dreams, fantasy, movies, and imagination. Therefore it is no wonder that Marilyn has transcended generations to be the ultimate dream girl.

Her 8th house  mars energy embodies what we dream of when we think of the powerful sexuality of Scorpio/8th house.

Marilyn Monroe & Jackie Kennedy: 8th House Mars vs Scorpio Rising

Ironically, Marilyn’s rival for John F. Kennedy’s affections had a Scorpio Ascendant which can exude energy in much the same way as an 8th House Mars. Yes, Leo Jackie Kennedy had the sign of sexuality on her first house. However, Jackie also had Saturn in her first house which repressed and suppressed any outward display of sexuality. Saturn is behind the classic, structured fashion for which Jackie has become known.  Jackie likely has as much sensual fire and energy as Marilyn but struggled to exude it and let it run free because Saturn is the ultimate sensor.

Saturn, as noted below, also tries to suppress the Scorpio energy in Marilyn’s chart, but Saturn is no match for the Grand Trine which makes Marilyn Plutonic energy very easy to access and quite pronounced:

Marilyn’s Scorpionic Grand Trine

Interestingly, Marilyn’s Saturn was in Scorpio! You’d think she’d not be able to display Scorpio sensuality at all; but thankfully for us her 8th house is unemcumbered and her 8th house Mars is fortifiled by being in a Grand Trine with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto. Her Grand Trine is a lightning rod of Scorpionic energy. It includes the  Saturn in the sign of Scorpio trining its ruler Pluto and also trining its co-ruler Mars in the 8th house, the natural home of Scorpio. Think about that for a second. The Universe yoked all the Plutonic forces possible in Marilyn’s chart in a closed triangle allowing them to feed each other (8th House,  the sign of Scorpio, Pluto, Mars). We feel that every time we look at her! (Thank god Saturn was involved to give her some measure of restraint!).

Marilyn Monroe's natal chart/courtesy of Astrotheme

Marilyn Monroe’s natal chart/courtesy of Astrotheme


Being primarily air, Marilyn Monroe was no doubt extremely intelligent and only allowed herself to be presented as a bimbo as part of the crafting of what she likely believed to be part of the contemporary and ultimate male ideal.  All the Pisces-Neptunian energy, along with her lack of earth, made her rather gullible. She believed her illusions were real. Whatever love she had for DeMaggio and Kennedy she likely belived was the ultimate romance that would eventually manifest into a dream life. Turning to drugs, another facet of life ruled by Neptune, only exacerbated the need to escape into the refuge of dreams and illusions. Neptune-Pisces energy is also self-sacrificial, as I’ve noted in other posts; Marilyn’s life ended in the ultimate self-sacrifice: suicide.


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