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Drowning in Scorpio’s Emotion? Five Survival Tips for Mates of Scorpio

Drowning in Scorpio’s Emotion? Five Survival Tips for Mates of Scorpio

“Being with a Scorpio in an emotional moment is like standing on the edge of the ocean when the high tide is coming in.”  – Leo Man

Photo Credit: Victor Habbick /

Photo Credit: Victor Habbick /

So, your Scorpio fetish — triggered by all the legends, anecdotes and astro-mythology about this 8th Zodiac sign– sucked you into a Scorpio romance that you can’t quite control. You liked the intense stares, the intense attachment and, of course, the intense sex,  but the intense emotion proved too much for you..?

Before you drown in the Abyss of the Affect or call it quits, here’s your lifesaver: five truths to help you navigate the emotional funnel of a Scorpio relationship.

1. Emoting is a sacrament to Scorpio.  

There are many forces that move mankind: will, reason, ethics, principle, chutzpah. For Scorpio,  no influence is more motivating or highly regarded than emotion. Emotion is given a pedestal position in the Scorpio’s life — so much so that the Scorpio man or Scorpio woman might dangerously worship it. Not outrightly so as one would a deity, but worship it in a way that it holds too much weight in the Scorpio’s life, acting as law, oracle, GPS system, healer, jailer, liberator and preferred drug.

An emotional experience can supercede everything for Scorpios, putting them in a state of bliss or paralysis, and any state in between.



2. Scorpios are Connoisseurs of Emotion.

When it comes to emotions, Scorpios are snobs. They are very selective about the ones they indulge. They only like fine ones, the complex ones, the authentic ones with aged significance and satisfying drama.  Like wine connoisseurs who observe flavor notes, color variations and viscosity, Scorpios see every nuance of a feeling.

Other signs may go through generic anger, sadness and joy, but Scorpio knows and remembers distinct dimensions of melancholy,  different rungs of anger and the every possible gradient of happiness.. Natives of this perceptive water sign, can fine tune moments and memories into a billion unique sentiments.

This should be no surprise. Scorpios were, after all, born with souls that are instruments of emotion.  If you see them crying or grappling with some sentiment, those instruments are just playing some beautiful or haunting tune. Move on, don’t bother them; they prefer to partake of this exquisite experience alone. Scorpios  don’t want anyone to save them from their emotions; if surgeons could perform a lobotomy and excise part of the brain’s cortex so that Scorpios could be spared the torture and intensity of their emotions, natives of the 8th sign would turn it down flat.

Connoisseurs recognize the value of the thing they admire, and they become masters of it. So it is with Scorpios and emotion. Depression can come … mania… heartbreak… loneliness…despair, but Scorpio always goes to that edge , looks over the precipice and refuses to go over the cliff. That’s due to regenerative Pluto. Scorpios have more lives than cats — which is why they can descend deep into the heart of the scariest emotions that others would run from. In a way, Scorpios secretly love this. It’s unbelievable but true. Scorpios are charmed and mesmerized by the danger and darkness of emotional tides. Why do you think they plunge themselves into it again…and again…and again.

3. Scorpios Tune into the Secret Emotions of Others

Pisces can actually feel and absorb others’ emotions, becoming sad, happy or furious vicariously. Scorpios cannot do that. However, they can dig up, perceive and interpret the spectrum of emotion present in other people. In fact, Scorpios might pick up on your mood before you do and quietly watch it like a soap opera.  This is one of the things Scorpios do when they engage in The Stare.

If Scorpio detects a crisis, the Scorpio man or Scorpio woman has no problem pausing their own emotional needs to focus on others instead. Scorpios do not get enough credit for this. It’s not all about them; Scorpios can and will use their considerable emotional IQ  to comfort and advise others.  Scorpios often target deep, buried emotional truths or scars that others don’t  want them to see. This can be unnerving for those under Scorpio’s gaze, but if you’re going to be in a relationship with Scorpio, expect all the unresolved wounds of your past to be excavated, examined …and finally healed. This is necessary not only for you, but for Scorpio. Scorpios need some respite from their own feelings; but more than that, they need emotional connections to practice their skills of transformation. That’s right, you’re a guinea pig.

4.  A Scorpio Emotion is an Event.

You know how people can have a party? Or have a heart attack? Or have a baby? That’s the way a Scorpio has an emotion. It is full-blown indulgent affair into which Scorpios plunge themselves … for hours, days, maybe weeks.  We’re not talking regular, pedestrian emotions that are superficial and can be glossed over by other signs in the Zodiac.  Scorpio cannot just suck it up and move on.

Scorpios elevate emotion to a full, conscious experience, feeling it mentally, physically, and psychicly in a way that may be torturous.

5. Emotions are Apps for Scorpios


Truth #5: Emotions are LIke Apps for Scorpio

Truth #5: Emotions are LIke Apps for Scorpio

As a lover and mate, you can gain control over Scorpio by leveraging the right emotion for the moment.  It’s true.  Emotions are like apps for Scorpios. Push the right emotion and you can get them to do anything. Don’t waste your time with logic. Trigger an emotional experience and Scorpio will be putty in your hands. But you won’t figure out the system … because you will NEVER outsmart Scorpio. And Scorpios don’t respond to fake and calculated emotional manipulation. Sometimes, though, you’ll just wish you could really have some of the apps pictured in the photo to the left:

  • The “Open Emotional Vault” app: Scorpios hide their emotions in a vault that has Pentagon-level security. As a mate, you will want to unlock this vault, but it will be next to impossible. Scorpios will just lie and tell you nothing is wrong and they’re fine. IF you love them, though, you must persist and find a way to crack open the vault. They will secretly want you to.


  • “The Scorpio Sex Trigger” app: Emotion and sex are intertwined for Scorpio. If Scorpio is withholding the good stuff, it may not be that they’ve lost interest or are consumed with thoughts of a sidepiece. You’ve probably pissed them off and they are obsessing over their reaction to your sin. While Scorpio is thinking of how he or she can punish you and make you pay, you better be figuring out how to make things right again or you’re going to be sleeping alone for a very long time.



  • The “Stop Plutonic Explosion” app: Don’t let the quietness fool you. Scorpios can get really mad — without warning … fast. . Scorpios’ feelings and sensitivity render them highly reactive, like dynamite.  If any of your dumb behaviors set it off, there will be yelling, screaming,  destruction of property, declarations that “it’s over!,”  and insults hurled at the vulnerable spots of your soul with exacting precision (You will be ethered.) — and that’s just the mild beginning. During this time you may think Scorpio has gone temporarily insane — and that might be so. However, Scorpios recover from anger quickly and will go back to normal, sometimes acting like nothing ever happened.


  • “Obsession Repellant” app: Scorpio’s intensity is usually discussed in terms of its dark expressions. However, there is a light-hearted happy side to their intensity, too!  And that comes out especially in love. When Scorpios love or really, really like you, they can’t get enough of you. They use their pinchers to attach firmly. They want lots of attention and are obsessed with feeding off of your energy. This can be a bit much for those new to dealing with Scorpios. Don’t run away (you’ll only be stalked). There’s no such thing as too much Scorpio, right?


  • “Love Insecurity Security” app: Scorpios are confident, scared of nothing! (except Love … and losing love … and admitting they love you … and suffering unrequited love …and nurturing love that loses intensity after years … or love that is not present at all times. You get the message. Love can make this normally tough sign show insecurity. Your job is to make Scorpio feel secure.


  • “Escape Emotion Hell” app:. Scorpios require more emotional involvement with their partner than any other sign. If you can’t handle being uncomfortably and unquestionably close, you are not deserving of a Scorpio and should escape like the coward you are before things get too deep.


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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.