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scorpius-blog-headerFORUM SCORPIUS

Scorpioland, a website dedicated to celebrating Scorpio life, grew from a rich history of community and is now testing a community discussion site called “Forum Scorpius” where registered members can create their own pages, blogs and forum posts. This is private site, closed to search engines and non-members.

It is a basic site, but the idea is to give Scorpios and all readers of Scorpioland —  which does not allow comments– a place to share their own views on Scorpios and exchange ideas and advice with people from all 12 zodiac signs.

Help get the community flourishing by registering at FORUM SCORPIUS,,  and creating a profile.  Registrations are moderated. Expect some flukes and growing pains as the new community starts and grows. [If you were a member of Ask Scorpioland, you are already in the database and considered a member and need to request a new password if your old one doesn’t work).

Click on “The Scorpio Forum” and start some threads. If you have an entertaining Scorpio story or blog, you can use the blog feature for that.

Use the contact page at if you have questions or problems using the site. Or reach me on Scorpioland’s Facebook page.


The History of Community on Scorpioland

Scorpioland actually started in 2008 as a Ning membership site and Scoprpio Forum, after I met several Scorpio lovers on someone else’s blog who need a place to hang out and binge chat on Scorpios.

After Ning began charging for use, Scorpioland switched to a ezine-style blog self-hosted format in 2010; due to spam and the time-consuming need for moderation, I elected not to include a comment section.

Scorpioland began accepting letters and responding to letters to restore a sense of community and give readers an outlet. However, the pen pal campaigm was time-consuming and soon morphed into a love advice exchange, which is not really Scorpioland is about.

Ask Scorpioland, at, was created to allow those wanting love advice to get feedback from other Scorpios and people who’ve dated Scorpios. Its name and URL were too similar to Scorpioland and caused confusion. Many posts cannibalized content from Scorpioland as well, so I made the decision to take the site offline in early 2015. Ask Scorpioland was not private and some felt uncomfortable sharing their stories, knowing that they would end up in search engines.

In the Scorpio Season of 2015, I set up Forum Scorpius but was not pleased with the free software offerings. I’m still not pleased but have decided to launch this Scorpio forum anyway in 2016.

Since the site is not a paid membership site, it needs to exist at minimum cost. This is a trial site that will remain as long as this software is functional, the management is not too expensive, is not overly time consuming and members want it. I have saved blogs from Ask Scorpioland and uploaded them to the Forum Scorpius site. In the future, I might upload screen shots of old Ning discussions.

Thanks to all members of Scorpioland’s forums throughout history!

I would like to thank members from all different versions of the community for your participation over the years. I also think the hundreds and hundreds of people who have written letters to me, saying that Scorpioland has helped them in relationships and in their personal lives. Many have come to love being Scorpios more because of insights read on

For those who write me without asking for help just because they want to say thank you and wish me well, I thank you the most because you have buoyed me in all different moods and given me strength on so many occasions. I’ve met a few friends through Scorpioland and some terrible users I wish I’d never met. But all that’s great, so let’s keep going for the years to come!

To Ning’s 140 members — thanks for helping establish the very first Scorpioland.
Special thanks to regular participants:
Lady Lioness,
Scorpio x9,
The Walker,

To Ask Scorpioland’s commenters who asked or answered questions on the regular. Your insights were helpful to so many.
Special thanks to regulars :
Cancer Woman
Phoenix Gurl
Letter writers — too numerous to identify.
(Hope you all come back!)

– Synthia