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Blood as a Souvenir of Love:  To Scorpio, Love is as Essential & Urgent as Blood…

Blood as a Souvenir of Love: To Scorpio, Love is as Essential & Urgent as Blood…

blood 4 large

blood drop 2In astrology, Scorpio’s motto is often said to be “I desire.” While Scorpio’s urges are strong and desire is prominent in every act, a Scorpio is never satisfied with simply wanting — they must claim. It is more accurate,  then, to say the Scorpio motto is “I possess” for that is Scorpio’s goal in whatever they seek.  To possess fuels their notorious obsession, jealousy, passion and perhaps even their masterful stalking.

Possessing the lover is priority number one. Scorpios  want the lover’s body, mind and soul. They want to own the lover completely. So, why not have a souvenir of this possession, of this great love?

Doesn’t every great hunter have a souvenir of their greatest quarry?

Scorpios can’t mount the lover’s head over the fireplace —  or rather, they shouldn’t. So, I suggest going for something even more precious.


The Rapture of Blood

blood 3Besides Gothic black, the favorite color of Scorpio is dark crimson — as in … the color of fresh blood.

Don’t be surprised to enter their homes and find bedspreads or curtains in bloody scarlet.

Don’t think of red as the color of something ghastly like a bleeding corpse. Instead, think of it as the color of lust, of fire-engine primal heat … of a Scorpio’s heart bleeding from the intensity of loving.

Since antiquity, various sects, from pagans to Christians, have revered blood as the ultimate precious and sacred entity, representing the soul, an offering to the Divine, and life itself.

That symbolism has never been lost on Scorpio  – they are vampire lovers and quasi-vampires after all.  They like the brilliant sight, the warmth and, more importantly,  what blood embodies. Blood nourishes, takes oxygen to all vital organs and is the residence of the very life force that animates the body.  For Scorpio, love is like that; it is vital, essential and needed to live.  Love is basically Scorpio’s emotional bloodline.

Far better than seeing, touching, drinking or revering blood from afar is the delectable experience of wearing blood of the lover around the neck as a constant souvenir of the wild love you share.

Blood Tokens as Territory: Owning a Piece of the Lover

You might find Scorpios and those with strong Pluto or 8th house energy fascinated with exchanging and wearing blood borrowed from the veins of their lover and put intoangie and billy blood a decorative vessel. Quite macabre and eerie, yes? Indeed — and completely awesome.   It is the lover condensed in essence to a half-inch vial of sacro-sanct plasma.

If the thought of this makes you queasy and you wish to recoil, then that gives you one hint at the allure for Scorpio: they are always tempted by that which is taboo and even repulsive.

When Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton first brought this underground  trend of wearing blood into the public eye in 2001, it immediately struck me an uber Plutonic gesture.  Thornton’s Mars is conjunct Pluto and his Moon is opposite Pluto. Jolie’s Sun is trine Pluto; her Moon and Mars are also opposite Pluto, the Scorpio’s co-ruler. She is an extremely Plutonic character.

I was mesmerized by their daring and extreme act and knew it was better than any ring, flowers or sentimental card. I knew this was the expression of love that best fit my soul and was shocked that society at-large condemned such a thing as unhinged and objectionable.

Beyond appealing to Scorpio’s fascination with the avant garde and lust for territory,  blood jewelry also appeals to Scorpio’s tendency to be intense and shocking when it comes to love.    With less than an ounce, the Scorpio has possession, devotion and obsession all squeezed together into a beautiful pendant.

Can you get more romantic than that? It is the rawest, most organic gift a Scorpio can ever give or be given.

It’s sexy

It’s unusual

It’s sensual

Its meaningful and significant — never trivial.

It makes time away from each other more intimate and endurable when you have a tiny piece of the beloved with you always.


Sacrificial Love – Scorpio Style

blood 1Piercing the body as a brazen show of romance is surely more of a Pisces/Neptune schtick; fish love sacrificing themselves to the pain and torture of the most ill-fated and treacherous love affairs — often to people who are malicious and undeserving. That is not the Plutonic context for sacrificial love. For Scorpio, the pain, the puncture and the bleeding involved in shedding blood for your mate  is only for the worthy, the exalted, the one that is precious enough to fight for, to die for, to crawl through  pain and conflict for.

That type of intimacy, or love exchange, is the holy grail for which Scorpio spends a lifetime searching. They also look for a lover bold and devoted enough to make that same sacrifice.

Preparing the Bloody Gift as a Scorpio or for your Scorpio

Some prefer to set up the atmosphere of a ritualistic sacrifice when preparing blood jewelry: candles, an exchange of vows, music.

Others are more clinical: going together to the doctor to have blood drawn.

If you dare to take the jump and prepare a bloody gift for your  beloved, consider having a professional physician gather the blood for you rather than risk severing an artery or creating injury. Then, the two of you can still create a ritual when filling the jewelry at home.

You can draw blood yourself with a clean, disinfected syringe or lancet. (See video below)

No matter how you get the blood for your blood jewelry, remember that before putting the blood in the vial or locket, you must add an anti-coagulant, such as aspirin or Oxalic acid crystals, to keep the blood from clotting. Then,  the blood will stay liquified hopefully forever. The movement of liquid blood is mesmerizing and makes the blood more brilliant to look at.

Finding blood jewelry today is far easier than in 2001. The growing Gothic and vampire cultures — which have attracted many Scorpios, incidentally — have made wearing blood and blood vial jewelry more in demand and mainstream. Simply Google vampire stores , Gothic shops or even funeral and cremation services. Many end-of-life stores sell decorative jewelry that can store hair, blood or any bodily fluid.



One last consideration, if there’s a breakup or divorce who gets the blood?!  Perhaps each should insist on having their personal effects returned.  Why give a scorned ex ammunition for voodoo?

© 2012 – 2017, Synthia L. Rose. All rights reserved.

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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.