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About Synthia Rose

Red Scorpion on white

I, Synthia Rose, founded ScorpioLand In October 2008 on the Ning network as a way to express my divergent and risque ideas as I explored astrology.

The original ScorpioLand was a blog-forum hybrid, which I determined was not the proper match for me, a Scorpio, as we tend to operate singularly rather than in herds.

When Ning ended its free blog platform, I ditched ScorpioLand for a year because I had other outlets of expression and did not want the demand of posting for others to see.

However, in April 2011, I decided to revive ScorpioLand for my own satisfaction.

In its present incarnation, Scorpioland is a personal website solely for the expression of my thoughts, as filtered through the avant garde lens of my Scorpio Sun in the 9th house. Scorpioland exists only for me to ruminate and satisfy my four-planet Sag stellium by being a philosophical exhibitionist. (I have Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter in Sagittarius; that makes my 9th house ego supremely happy).

I will only write here when impassioned about some Scorpio aspect of life. I always and only write for kindreds who might be going through something I’ve experienced and who might need the affirmation, encouragement, insight, or simply the recognition that we are yoked in the Scorpio experience.  That is the most precious thing to me.

Although I am very kind and loving, I have strong opinions and my posts are controversial. You may hate them. You may not. That is all.


About Synthia:

My favorite astrological quote by someone else:

“Scorpio cannot live without relating on a very deep, intimate level, which often includes conflict & confrontation… if things become too easy & mellow, Scorpio will provoke trouble,” -Milton Black”


What’s Your Sun Sign? Moon Sign & Rising Sign?
Scorpio Sun
Cancer Moon
Capricorn Rising
Plus, a fiery Sagittarius stellium: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune.
What do you like most about Scorpios!
I love that Scorps are so passionate and emotional. I also really like that they have secret natures with a traces of dark obsessions.
What sun sign are you most attracted to when it comes to Love & Romance?
Had you asked me two years ago, I would have said Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and maybe Capricorn. However, Cancer and Capricorns have become my favorite because of their emphasis on family, stability, and responsibility.  A Saturn transit has greatly tempered my wild side. 
2017 Update: My favorite signs for romance are Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn!
I’m a writer who loves philosophy, astrology, sexuality, Ayn Rand, Prince, jazz, art, and literature. I started this site to explore the philosophical questions of life through the lens of the Zodiac.I believe the Scorpio sexuality is really a 7th sense for receiving and transmitting feedback to other life and spirits.I also believe the Scorpio soul is not a victim but an *instrument* of emotion. It plays it, beautifies it, stylizes it, expands & shapes it into something of grandeur.Read my blog thoughts here.Email me at synthia @ scorpioland . org or staff @ synthiarose . com





Synthia’s Natal Chart: