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8 Ways to Observe the Plutonian Day of Halloween with Your Scorpio

8 Ways to Observe the Plutonian Day of Halloween with Your Scorpio

Photo Credit: The Morgue File.

Don’t let Scorpio season’s only global holiday go by without a screech and a smooch.


Fright and titillation go together like serrated knives and blood. And since Scorpios love both trembling and intimate mingling, it’s fitting that the scare-inducing day of Halloween falls within their solar reign. When someone is fearful, they automatically reach out to embrace another to feel safe. What a great way to intensify a Scorpio date! Can you really be held accountable for where your hands roam in the chaos of terror. Triggering primal and protective instincts linked to fear can only make a couple grow closer.

Here are eight daring date suggestions sure to stir up fear and friskiness.

1. Ghost hunting

Don’t do this if you’re spiritually sensitive; you might get a clinger that follows you home. It’s why I’ve never done it. But I’ve spoken with ghost hunters and attended dinner presentations to learn about their experiences — dinners complete with pictures, video and slide shows. How romantic. Here’s where you can find certified ghost hunters in your town if you live stateside:

  • Or Just Google “ghost tour” or “ghost hunts” along with your city or region.

In some cases, if you sign up for an actual hunt, you’ll get to tour or at least drive by sites where ghosts have been spotted, like old hospitals or decaying jails.
Scorpios and 8th Housers have a knack for peering through the spiritual curtain to see what’s on the other side. Heaven help you if you have strong Pisces energy as well. You might make a life long “friend.”

2. Visit a Wiccan Store

Forget the fake witches with the floppy hats and face paint; venture into the presence of a real Wiccan or warlock for a special Scorpio date. These  stores used to be so much easier to find– and for a time were even present in malls. If you have one in your area, consider getting some spiritual massage oils for a cozy rub down that will bring positive energy, protection or fortune to your mate. You can also find some of these oils online. Be careful of the ones used to cast love spells.

3. Get a psychic reading.

You pass the roadside signs all the time: “Psychic Readings Inside” or “Mystic on Duty.” Finally, hit the brakes and be entertained. Why not call the psychic’s bluff and see what the predictions are for your relationship. What a great excuse to stay together and see if the predictions pan out. Since there are only 19 government-certified psychics in the U.S., and perhaps less elsewhere, take the reading with a grain of salt and consider that you at least had fun.

4. Watch horror movies all night. Scary movie party!horror movies

If you must Netflix and chill, bring on all the legendary celluloid psychopaths to get your heart racing and adrenaline flowing while you share popcorn, pizza and puckered lips. Pick your strongest fear: Supernatural villains from the netherworld or the human demented kind. With the first type, it might be harder to sleep at night — but then, that’s a good excuse for overnight company — and nighttime prayers.

5. Picnic at the graveyard

Graveyards are beautiful terraintheir grassy fields, trees, water features, benches, flowers and a vast array of headstones towering over the beloved dead. Why not take a picnic basket and share a meal with your significant other as well as some long “lost” friends and relatives? Remember to be respectful and non-disruptive.

Caution: do not use any annoying electrical devices, especially wireless phones. The residents won’t like it and may interfere with reception. (That could possibly just be my kin).

6. Run or ride through a haunted house exhibit.

These are among the best attractions at any pop-up fair, carnival or amusement park. Nothing is better than when the cart you’re riding in stops while the costumed monsters besiege you. If your amusement parks are closed and there are no fairs in sight, it’s up to you and your mate to buy props and use the Scorpio date night to stage a haunted house for some kiddies in your neighborhood.

7. Masquerade party

Dressing up isn’t just for children. Adults can play, too. The great thing about costume parties is that you can be casual with corner store get-ups or chic with more sophisticated masks and attire. Add to the mystery by requiring a password. Other Eyes Wide Shut activities may be too risque.

Sag football player Russell Wilson threw a masquerade party for Scorpio singer Ciara's birthday.

Sag football player Russell Wilson threw a masquerade party for Scorpio singer Ciara’s birthday. The lovebirds dressed as Batman and Catwoman.

8. Celebrate All Hallows Eve at church or have an old-fashioned hayride to celebrate the Harvest season.

Scorpios do have a spiritual side, whether orthodox or not. The Scorpio holiday of Halloween of course began as a religious event that came before the holy All Saints Day. It was a time to remember believers who died, especially those who died for their faith. If you’re not religious, find a local farm that’s offering up cider, hay rides and social hours.


One thing does not recommend is the use of conjuring items like Ouija boards. With so many narratives of catastrophic consequences, why take a chance?

Whatever you choose, be careful. The Eighth House, Scorpio and Pluto are naturally magnetized toward the mystical world, but that doesn’t mean such placements can shield from occult exploration gone wrong.


Photo Credit: The Morgue File.

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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.