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10 Ways to Use Rituals to Bring Your Scorpio Closer

10 Ways to Use Rituals to Bring Your Scorpio Closer

 Intimacy Rituals for Dating Your Scorpio

Bind the heart of Scorpio by unlocking the door to internal world of the most guarded and distrustful sign in the Zodiac.  This won’t be easy.

Have a date, have a romance, have a string of rambunctious nights. But still, will you really know Scorpio? Did you really glimpse their truest nature with guards down … the stuff of all the lore?


If you had an experience with a Scorpio and walked away thinking … I don’t know what the big deal is. You probably have only scratched the surface of who they are. You didn’t get to the delicate closeness, the vulnerability.  If you’ve been dating a Scorpio but they’ve gone silent and withdrawn, you still haven’t gained (or retained) admission to their inner sanctum.


It takes finesse to peel back the layers of this very complicated sign. And rituals are one of the strategies that can help.


Rituals are regimented gestures that promote bonding and meaning. They make the moments of a couple unique. As the sign that follows Libra,  Scorpio takes Libra’s focus on relationship and then deepens it to true oneness, true union. This means Scorpios are devoted to thorough attachment, eternal devotion, hypnotic enchantment, and rapture. All these intangible assets are better than food and money to Scorpio.


Rituals can offer a Scorpio relationship all these things. Often paired with a mystical component, rituals can be done at special times, in special places, with special wardrobe for exclusive participants. With elements of secrecy, privacy, and sometimes spiritualism, rituals appeal to Scorpio’s need to connect as a couple plus bring down the powers of Heaven to intermingle and play.  


So turn down the lights, bring out the candles, burn incense or diffuse the oils. Invoke the spirit of love as you create rituals that encompass the following Scorpionic elements:


  1. Scorpio intimacy by the water


In the Zodiac, water represents the realm of emotion and spirituality, a world that is often turbulent for Scorpio. Harness the soothing power of the natural element of H20– its coolness, its flow, its peaceful cascade — to bring calmness to Scorpio’s life.  Relaxing to the skin and all internal chaos, water is linked to spiritual cleansing, pain release and catharsis.

Water suns and moons are particularly drawn to the flow of liquids: the sight of lakes and streams, the sound of drizzling or trickling rain. One of my favorite pastimes is sitting on a stone bench at the beach wrapped in an embrace as the water ebbs and flows beside us. It’s as if we are water, flowing together with no separation. 


Nick and Vanessa Lachey have famously publicized their water ritual of showering together at the end of the day to strengthen their double-Scorpio romance.

To invoke the power of water in your own Scorpio ritual, try skinny dipping, walking along a river, soaking in bubble bath, relaxing in a sauna, standing under a waterfall or walking in a light downpour.

You must pair water rituals with the figurative practice of washing away the negatives that might be separating you from your Scorpio. This is the time for confessions, apologies, and re-commitment.


  1. Nudity

Being naked in every way promotes a sense of wellness for Scorpio. They are, after all, the sign that likes to peel back layers. Allowing yourself to be stripped down to skin and beyond is required in a Scorpio romance.  In you bare skin you were born and in your bare skin you shall be reborn as Scorpio works their transformative powers on you. 

Nakedness suggests a reveal of the highest order … a reveal of private things, of blemishes, of wounds, of special scars, figuratively and literally. It denotes a willingness to be inspected by Scorpio eyes in all ways. It is a primal gesture of trust.

While a nudist resort with others would not be exclusive enough for the Scorpio man or Scorpio woman, sending everyone in the house away for a day and committing to spend 24 hours au naturelle with just you two would be perfect. Your own little Eden.


What shall you do? Consider photographing, drawing or painting each other’s figures.  Write an ode to the body part you most love on your mate. Find a secluded space outside where you can streak. Use each other as plates and eat. Use each other as canvas and add color or temporary tattoos.  Or just be.

If you’re shy, start with lingerie or strip down to just one skimpy article of clothing of your choice until you get comfortable.  You’ll never make it with Scorpio if you only show them your bare body in a flash before the lights go out or before a bathrobe is put on. You must be able to  linger and luxuriate confidently in nakedness with your Scorpio.


  1. Rituals: The Path to Scorpio Trust and Secrets

    Skin to Skin

Over time couples may lose intimacy with each others skin. This is a pity as it is the thinnest sheath separating Scorpio from your internal substance. Pressing skin to skin, according to science, has power to revive and restore life.  Don’t you agree something tingly and magical happens when your skin touches your mate’s? Scorpio must be touched. It is one of the major ways of affirming coupledom for this sign. They will respond, all over, from the inside out. You may not be able to handle the force with which they will touch you back. Skin to skin rituals can even be paired with nude ones or water ones for maximum sense of caretaking.


Dance, sensually, skin to skin. Revive the old practice of holding hands, palm to palm. Wrap your legs around one another. Cuddle with a full body press. Apply lotion or oils to one another. Use the magic of your hands to give your lover a back rub or a full body massage.

If possible, let no day go by without applying the warm, energy and healing of your skin to your Scorpio –and feeling theirs in return.


  1. Eye to Eye

Even if you have grown accustomed to seeing them all the time, don’t forgot to meet the glance of your Scorpio’s very sensitive eyes. Not quickly .. but lingeringly. Eye bonding creates intense familiarity for the average person, but even more so for Scorpio. It stirs attraction. It’s a way to have privacy even in a room full of people. It’s strong enough to bond you across wide distances; and upclose it is particularly breath-taking.

Tied to Scorpio’s eyes, you can flirt with no words … be voyeurs of one another’s souls … whether you are on a date or retiring for the night or even at  party with friends. Anywhere! Just do it.


  1. Silent Communication

Whispers are nice, but sometimes silence is better. It’s more enigmatic. It helps you tune into the unconscious, which is a natural realm of the Scorpionic 8th house. It forces you to try to sense the impulses, mood shifts, and the unspoken needs your Scorpio wants you to intuit.


Any stranger or acquaintance can use speech, but kindreds — especially those in a Scorpio relationship – should have their own signals, their mirror behaviors, their own special way to create a volley of energy between them. These special gestures put couples on the same energetic wavelengths and help them learn the personality of the other in unique ways.  

By subtracting oral communication, you are forced to rely on images, actions, love notes, games, and even telepathy to transmit thoughts to your Scorpio lover.

Over time, your senses will become special antennae for your Scorpio. This will reinforce any chemistry between you.


  1. A secret place

    Special Territory

Scorpio’s special lair is where this sign can be most at home and unleash the true self it’s been hiding from all. But a union with a Scorpio needs a special home, too. A place that is private and protected.  A place of significance linked to momentous occasions, laughter or iconic relationship moments.


Even  as a teen in puppy love, I realized territory was essential to my happiness as a Scorpio and relished  designated relationship spaces. One was a hidden alcove in a public space where I’d meet a Capricorn boyfriend on a regular basis. We brought a blanket from time to time but mostly just ourselves to do what teen crushes do. We only got caught by security once.


Another beautiful space ritual involved a bond with an Aquarius. We worked together at a building that had a little used wing and a forgotten room with a piano. He was a musician and despite my Mercury-Venus conjunction, I am no singer! But somehow we always found ourselves in this room during lunch with him playing piano and me terribly singing beside him, while he ate half my lunch. All these years later I still remember that room, that man and those moments.


Sometimes spaces can temporary not permanent, like a sleeping bag or tent you share and use to travel around the country, a corner hotel room you always ask for, a special train route you always take, the spot in the grass on the hillside at the park, or *your* booth at that favorite restaurant.


If possible, it’s nice to mark the relationship space with a personal accent piece, the couple’s colors, favorite snacks or champagne, a loving momento or even a small piece of graffiti to remember love was expressed here and hopefully always will be.


  1. Memories

Second only to Cancer in filing away the precious moments of the past, Scorpio is a very nostalgic sign. Mark an anniversary of your first kiss, first dance, first night together or wedding, by saving then excavating something from those nights when you need to feel close. Photos, cards and stories are standard (and still useful!) , but be alert to any unique thing that can be saved and used to reminisce about the sum of you.  This appeals to the Scorpio’s fixed sign nature, which craves things that last over time and have permanence. Be prepared for emotional overload.


  1. Nocturnal

Like the scorpion, the Scorpio man and woman comes alive at night; it’s as if a special part of their soul sleeps during the day and then awakens at twilight.. There is something about the energy of darkness, the stillness, the fact that most of the world is asleep except for fringe and shadowy types ….that special state of mind when you are awake but teetering on the edge of sleepiness and the subconscious. It’s the perfect time for a ritual.


Consider how visible the cosmos is and incorporate it into your rite. Go outside and gaze at the stars together. Take a walk in the moonlight, especially if it’s a full moon or a Scorpio moon, which will intensify the desire for love, lust and touch.  If roaming the world is not safe, lay in your own backyard and listen to the owls and the crickets while watching the sky theater. Or go to a real theater and catch the last movie.


When morning comes, it will be like you’ve been in surreal world together and now the other mortals are awake and you are back to reality.


  1. C o i t u s without completion

Intersect your bodies without thoughts of s-e-x or the “O.” With a nod to tantric principles of simply coming together to absorb energy and impulse from one another without releasing it, fall asleep merged.


If you are in a non-sexual stage of relationship, another (and milder) version of this energy merger is to create something together whether it’s an extravagant meal, pottery ala Demi and Patrick in Ghost, or any other work of art.   


  1. Mysticism

Tread lightly. Scorpio energy is linked to the occult. Love spells, chants, potions and the like can definitely be part of a night designed to bring your Scorpio love closer to you. But dabbling in this world can sometimes create manipulations that backfire. With a focus on love and light, certain oils (jasmine), herbs (lavender, chamomile), stones (rose quartz), gems (topaz, amethyst, both of which are associated with Scorpio), candles (pink or virgin white) and sacred patterns (the pyramid & flower of life) can be paired with written or spoken love messages to invoke higher vibrations and beneficial spiritual energy. These rites weave together Scorpio’s interest in mystery and hidden power while promoting attraction, peace and strength for the love affair.


Using any of these 10 elements as the centerpiece for your quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily rituals with your Scorpio mate can establish unshakable togetherness, nudge Scorpio into opening up and trusting you, plus provide protection and a foundation for your love to grow.


© 2018, Synthia L. Rose. All rights reserved.

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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.